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Children learn French at Magic Tree Nursery in Harrogate


At Tree Tops weekly French sessions are held during term time giving children a fun introduction to languages through singing and games.

At a young age the children assimilate the words and accents without inhibition, and are soon able to understand, and then form simple phrases.

Swimming lessons at Magic Tree Nursery near Harrogate


Swimming lessons are for children aged 3 and over and our qualified swimming instructor gently introduces children to swimming, building confidence, and developing water safety.

Music at Magic Tree Nursery

Magical Musicalrama

Magical Musicalrama gives children a fun introduction to Performing Arts through the use of various activities - movement, action songs, role play, playing musical instruments, traditional rhymes, and poetry. The classes fuel imagination and creativity and enable children to start to develop skills for life.

Music guides and supports children by enhancing their communication and numeracy skills. It also helps them to improve their physical co-ordination as well as self-esteem and independence.

Storytime at Magic Tree Nursery, Belmont Grosvenor School


Storytime at Magic Tree Nursery is an opportunity for children to be introduced to reading and language in a fun way.

At Storytime, children have the freedom to take part in activities that promote development and learning. It also inspires each child to fall in love with books and reading with the support and guidance of the practitioners.

Dance lessons at Belmont Grosvenor Magic Tree Nursery near Harrogate

Holistic Play and Treasure Baskets

Holistic play and Treasure Basket activities, both inside and outside, encourages children to discover and wonder at the magic of the world around them as they explore with their senses.

They are encouraged to be inquisitive and ask questions, as well as harness their natural curiosity through the use of treasure baskets and holistic play sessions.