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Welcome from the Acting Headteacher

Belmont Grosvenor is an exceptional school of which I am proud to be Acting Headteacher. We are passionate about the education of our children and truly believe their childhood is precious.

Each child is inspired, challenged and enjoys success. It is no surprise, therefore that our children are our finest ambassadors.

Belmont Grosvenor Independent School Ethos & Values

Ethos & Vision

Children thrive at Belmont Grosvenor School because they are nurtured and challenged, surrounded by understanding, stimulation and a shared ambition for educational progress. We put a child's happiness, academic development and well-being at the heart of everything we do.

Located at Swarcliffe Hall, a magnificent Gothic house with magical wooded grounds and extensive sports facilities, we make the most of our spectacularly beautiful setting by offering an outstanding breadth of learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.



Daily life at Belmont Grosvenor is centred around our six core values. We are a down to earth, ambitious, nurturing, resilient, forward-thinking and joyful school.

Down To Earth: We are authentic and practical; earthy and unpretentious. We are plain spoken and no nonsense. We believe in rolling up our sleeves and mucking in. Our cheeks are rosy and our knees are muddy. We are warm and friendly and make everyone welcome. 

How we learn at Belmont Grosvenor School near Harrogate

How we learn

Belmont Grosvenor School is a place where learning habits are formed for life - independence, flexibility, perseverance, co-operation, reflectiveness and creativity are instilled in our children from an early age and develop throughout their time with us. 

We want our children to have more than just knowledge. We encourage them to think around problems and opportunities, to devise original solutions, come up with new ideas, and to take carefully evaluated risks.

Wellbeing and personal development at BGS private school in North Yorkshire

Well-being and personal development

Our children’s well-being is at the heart of everything we do. 

Belmont Grosvenor is characterised by the happy relationships that exist between children, staff, and parents – we really are one big, happy family and it is this that makes our school such a special place. 

We want our children to be confident, to be able to grasp all that’s on offer and have the courage to step outside their comfort zone at this important stage in their lives.

Learning outside the classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom

The idyllic, rural setting of Belmont Grosvenor, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, builds magic into the education and experience of every child at the school. 

From their very first day at school, our children play and learn on our 20-acres of stunning grounds, gaining both knowledge and respect for their environment.

Forest Schools and Eco Schools

Forest School & Eco Schools

Belmont Grosvenor School is set on 20-acres of beautiful grounds, with its own small woodland area that changes with the seasons. 

Children enjoying our Forest School sessions are able to experience the different weather, textures and colours of the year – whether it’s the first snowdrops of spring, the cherry blossoms in early summer or stunning autumn foliage.

Enrichment afternoons at Belmont Grosvenor independent school

Enrichment Mornings

Once a term we suspend our normal school timetable to give all our Prep children the chance to enjoy an Enrichment morning.

The aim is to encourage everyone to experience an interesting range of engaging challenges in mixed-age groups, develop collaboration and co-operation through team building and problem-solving activities, and increase flexibility of thinking. 

Enrichment is exciting: it’s about imagination, discovery and challenge, an opportunity to extend the creative learning that goes on at Belmont Grosvenor and further the personal and social development of our children.

Philosophy for children

Philosophy for Children

Every class from Year 1 upwards enjoys Philosophy for Children sessions where the teachers and children can, through questions and discussions, explore philosophical concepts, big issues, rights and wrongs – and in so doing learn to respect the views and opinions of others.

These regular sessions are a fun and rewarding way of helping provide our children with the necessary skills to interact effectively in the modern world and communicate with clarity and precision.



Inspirational and innovative teaching at Belmont Grosvenor weaves magic into our children’s education to help them acquire the knowledge, skills, minds, and values for their life beyond school in a rapidly changing world.

Our school curriculum is fresh and vibrant, enabling children to be challenged, making them work hard and giving them the thrill of success.



Belmont Grosvenor children get plenty of opportunity to take part in sport so they can discover what they are good at, and find something that they really enjoy. 

Lessons build skills in many forms of physical exercise, with all the school favourites on offer including rugby, netball, football, hockey, cross country, tennis, athletics, cricket, rounders, gymnastics, and swimming. Pop lacrosse, dance, and biathlon are all covered in our extensive extra-curricular sports programme. 

There’s an emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play, as well as team-work and hand-to-eye co-ordination. It’s a balance between stretching the best athletes and being inclusive, so everyone takes a turn at being captain. Our aim is to develop confidence to enable children to enjoy all aspects of PE whatever their ability. Sport isn’t just serious here at Belmont Grosvenor – it’s fun too!



Music plays a large part in the life of our school. All children from Nursery onwards are introduced to the wonders of music and learn how to listen, appreciate, read, compose, and perform many different genres of music. 

We have 9 specialist teachers offering individual tuition on a wide variety of musical instruments and children can be entered for ABRSM exams at the school.

These lessons mostly take place during the school day, but are worked on a rotation system, so the same lesson is not missed every week.



From a very early age, every child at Belmont Grosvenor is given the opportunity to shine by taking part in school productions and nativities. 

All of our pupils boost their confidence and enjoy learning to speak and perform with great enthusiasm and competence. These skills are developed further through Curtain Call, Extra Drama, and LAMDA.


Clubs & Activities

All children throughout the school love to learn away from the relative formality of the classroom. Our many excellent clubs and activities support the curriculum and ensure the children's curiosity and enthusiasm is nurtured.