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Dance & Ballet

All children at Belmont Grosvenor, from Pre Reception upwards, are given the option to take dance at school provided by Harrogate-based AVA School of Dance. 

An educational movement to music programme, it teaches children new skills and helps to build confidence. Classes are suitable for boys and girls of all abilities, and are non-competitive and immensely fun. 

Children work towards term-based goals that can be either sharing their work with family and friends, a performance, or exams with the International Dance Teachers Association, an affiliation of The Royal Academy of Dance.


All children throughout the school love to learn away from the relative formality of the classroom. Our many excellent clubs and activities support the curriculum and ensure the children's curiosity and enthusiasm is nurtured.

We offer a wide range of activities to suit every child's interests, ranging from rock band, board games, Lego club and baking to swimming, science, soccer skills and singing and drama. There really is something for everyone!


Exam Booster Group

Children at Belmont Grosvenor move on at the end of Year 6 to some of the leading schools in the area and we have an enviable record in preparing children for entrance into selective independent and maintained schools.

Our experienced staff members carefully and sensitively mentor our children and work is geared towards the entrance requirements of individual schools.

Our Exam Booster Group covers how to approach examinations in general, as well as Entrance Examinations in particular.


Visits & trips

Education at Belmont Grosvenor School encompasses far more than just the work done in the classroom - we believe in providing a real breadth of experience for our chlldren.

Trips away from school provide them with exciting adventures and new learning opportunities with their friends.

All children throughout the school go on regular excursions to museums, the theatre, and other places of interest that are appropriate for their age.


BGS Award

The BGS Award is open to all Year 6 children and aims to develop independence, life skills, teamwork and responsibility through a series of exciting challenges geared to help prepare them for their move to secondary school.

The award is divided into six sections - Service, Independent Living, Safety, Skills, Physical, and Expedition.

For all successful children, BGS Award certificates are presented at the end of term at Speech Day.