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Drama at Belmont Grosvenor

Drama at Belmont Grosvenor is designed to promote self-confidence in everyone. 

Through weekly lessons, assemblies and plays, all of our children, from the most shy to the most outgoing, learn to speak and to perform with great enthusiasm and competence.  

Whether it is a Nursery nativity play or a full-scale Prep department musical production, whether they are reciting just two lines or have been cast in a leading role, our children all relish the applause and sense of achievement at the end of a performance. 

But formal productions aren’t the only chance for children at Belmont Grosvenor to be in the spotlight. 

All children, including the very youngest in Magic Tree Nursery, have the opportunity for role-play, both as a means of exploring the ‘real’ world and in developing imaginative and creative skills. 

Through both individual and group activities, our children in main school are offered the chance to prepare for LAMDA Speech and Drama examinations (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) and to enter local competitions and festivals.

Outside the school timetable, our wide range of clubs and activities including Curtain Call and Extra Drama are designed to nurture their talent even further.


Curtain Call

This group provides a fun and inspiring environment for children to learn a variety of dramatic arts and to enhance their confidence on the stage. 

Our children progress to public performances and the club has already achieved a huge amount of success in its field.



Many children take extra lessons, working in small groups to refine communication skills and gain a greater insight into literature, scripts and poetry. They progress on to taking their LAMDA exams.


Extra Drama

Extra Drama is taught in small age-appropriate groups in order for children to study the LAMDA Verse and Prose syllabus and participate in the Harrogate Competitive Festival of Speech and Drama. 

Children focus on technical and interpretative skills, so they can bring the spoken word to life, building confidence as a solo performer, and stretching themselves in terms of creativity.