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Girls' Games

Children across the ages are given the chance to regularly play together. This really helps the younger girls by promoting self-confidence and developing their sports skills.

Depending on numbers, and fixtures on the calendar, our Girls' Games sessions alternate between hockey and netball in the winter and rounders in the summer. Inter-house matches provide an opportunty for everyone to take part, and our girls compete in local, regional and national competitions with great success.

Our annual sports days for the whole school see our children compete in everything from sprinting, javelin and long-jump to obstacle races, teddy bear picnics, and shuttle relays.


Boys' Games

Whatever the weather, our boys spend time each week improving both individual skills and teamwork through small-sided games.

We organise regular inter-house matches which allows everyone the chance to represent their House, while fixtures against other schools provides our boys with the opportunity to test the skills they have learned in lessons and during practices. We also enter competitions where the emphasis is on the spirit of the sport, rather than the end result, allowing everyone, whatever their ability, to take part.


Pop Lacrosse

Open to everyone from Year 2 upwards, Pop Lacrosse is aimed at children who want to expand on their ball skills with this fast-paced, and exciting game. 

A non-contact version of lacrosse, Pop Lacrosse is usually played as a five-a-side game, and uses plastic-headed sticks and oversized lacrosse balls.

In recent years, our Belmont Grosvenor children have enjoyed considerable success in competitions and qualified for the national schools Pop Lacrosse finals.


Soccer skills

This football club concentrates on improving our children’s ball skills and introduces them to new techniques to take to the field. 

Boys and girls from Year 3-6 can join these weekly sessions.


Swimming and Biathlon

Children from Year 3-6 are put through regular drills and can brush up on techniques, as well as improve their speed and stamina.

In recent years we’ve qualified for the National Schools Biathlon Championships in London and this season we are Yorkshire Champions.


Tennis Tykes

Tennis Tykes is a unique tennis play and coaching programme for children as young as 2 years old.

Using mini tennis equipment including small nets, sponge balls and adapted rackets, this programme helps develop co-ordination, agility and balance, as well as encourage social interaction and develop confidence, language, and listening skills. Personal achievement is rewarded, building on skills achieved each week with stickers and charts for every child.