Learning support


How we help

We celebrate children who need to access learning support as individuals who have learning differences, not difficulties. Learning support is a fully integrated part of the total learning experience here at BGS. Our support enables children to thrive and find success points which they can be proud of, each and every day.


Support is provided in class through quality teaching with high levels of expectation and a variety of interventions, all led by our fully qualified Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).

We are proud of our culture of inclusion and regularly hold assemblies to celebrate the diversity of learners in our school. We have a termly ‘No Pens Day ‘where all children take on challenges to understand the different ways in which we can learn.


We are flexible and calm in our approach to learning support and understand that, for a child in our care, interventions may be needed for a few weeks or for their entire BGS journey.

We ensure that the needs of each child are understood and supported in every lesson, not just those based in classrooms but in every area of our extensive curriculum.


Learning support is firmly entrenched within our core values as we work with children to help them understand their own strengths and build resilience as learners.  Nurture is at the heart of our vibrant and encouraging approach and we feel privileged to be part of the learning journey of each child accessing our department.