Our sporting ethos at Belmont Grosvenor centres around many of the values we hold dear as a school. We look to nurture children in their sporting lives by establishing positive habits that last a lifetime.


Our approach allows pupils to grow into young people aware not only of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, but also conscious of the need to give the best of themselves to fulfill their own individual potential. Importantly though, we do this while maintaining the spirit of sport rather than a fixation on results.


We aim to celebrate collectively when sporting success happens, with an emphasis on sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork that helps us mould our children into well-rounded individuals both on and beyond the sports field.


It’s important to us that Belmont Grosvenor children get to experience a wide range of sports and we are always looking at ways we can expand our offering, whether that be in the form of our curriculum games lessons or taster sessions or extra-curricular clubs.


A world of opportunity

Our children have had opportunities to learn and compete in all of the following sports in recent years: athletics, biathlon, cricket, cross country, dance, football, gymnastics, hockey, netball, rounders, rugby, swimming, tennis and water polo.


We not only look to advance the children’s individual skills in these sports but we also look to use our curriculum PE lessons as an opportunity to develop their transferable co-ordination skills as well as to nurture their problem solving and tactical ability.


Pupils do, of course, relish the opportunity to compete in inter-school fixtures which we approach in a totally inclusive way. Our annual whole school sports day sees children compete in a variety of disciplines and in an environment that is wholeheartedly encouraging and friendly.


Our aim is to develop confidence that enables the children to enjoy all aspects of PE whatever their ability. Sport isn’t just serious here at Belmont Grosvenor – it’s serious fun too!

FDS Harrogate Football – an external provider of Brazilian football skills

Running club – before school club for pleasure and fitness lead by marathon-running staff

Tennis Tykes – develops coordination, agility and balance in children from two- years-old

Rugby/cricket club – seasonal clubs building on teamwork and skills developed in games lessons

Saddler Tennis – LTA coach at Birstwith Tennis Club works with children from Years 2 to 6

Swimming club – before school club for children from Years 3 to 6 in the school pool

Netball/rounders – seasonal clubs building on teamwork and skills developed in games lessons.