Well-being and personal development

Our children’s well-being is at the heart of everything we do. BGS is characterised by the happy relationships that exist between children, staff, and parents – we really are one big, happy family and it is this that makes our school such a special place.


We want our children to be confident, to be able to grasp all that’s on offer and have the courage to step outside their comfort zone at this important stage in their lives.


All children from three months upwards are known by name to the Headmaster, and many of our staff teach throughout the school.


As we are one school, on one site, there is a continuity of education that allows children to feel comfortable in their surroundings, and for movement up the school to be a simple, seamless and worry-free experience.

We place great emphasis on their happiness, and provide constant support and reassurance to our children as they take their first steps towards independence. Our emphasis on learning habits encourages the children to be flexible, independent, able to take risks and take pride in being part of a team.


Respect for ourselves, for others and for our school environment is key. A tidy appearance, well maintained environment, and taking pride in all aspects of school-work are constantly reinforced. We feel that emphasis in such areas is vital at this formative time.


Children throughout school take part in weekly well-being assemblies. Yoga and mindfulness take a key role whilst also discussing a wide range of topics, from self-care and safeguarding to children’s mental health and anti-bullying. The children take pride in the support they receive and offer to each other.


Our Prep children can serve on the school council or the Eco council, ensuring they play an important role in decision-making at school.


Regular surveys and consultations ensure our children’s opinions and perspectives are understood and taken into account and our vibrant house system fosters a sense of community and plays a key role in the pastoral, academic, and sporting life of the school.